Dear Applicant: Per S/B FMCSR 391.21(d) Before an application is submitted. the motor carrier shall inform the applicant that the information he/she provides for the employment or leasing history may be used, and the applicant's prior employers or lessors may be contacted, for the purpose of investigating the applicant's safety performance history information. The prospective motor carrier must also notify the driver in writing of his/her due process rights as specified in 391 .23(i) regarding information received as a result of these investigations. You the applicant have the following rights: (i)The right to review information provided by previous employers or lessors, (ii) The right to have errors in the Information corrected by the previous employer or lessor and for that previous employer or lessor to re-send the corrected information to the prospective motor carrier, (iii) The right to have a rebuttal statement attached to the alleged erroneous information, if the previous employer or lessor and the driver cannot agree on the accuracy of the infomiation.

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